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Layered Architecture Solution Guidance (LASG) is a software factory that offers a set of tools and guidance aimed at simplifying and accelerating the development of layered applications. It extends Visual Studio to provide a set of solution templates and code generators to help automate various repetitive tasks.

LASG follows the project structure that is illustrated in Layered Architecture Sample for .NET. but enhances it further with automation tools to help beginner developers to quickly get up to speed with layering concepts.


LASG is activated through the New Project dialog of Visual Studio and it comes with various preset solution templates to help developers to quickly get started in developing highly-scalable, layered and multi-tiered applications that can be targeted for on-premise deployments or the Cloud.


Apart from solution templates, LASG also comes with a set of code generators that uses 'multi-stage code generation techniques' to help developers to rapidly build the layers of the application. The code generator at each layer uses the output of the underlying layers as the foundation to build the components for its layer. Below is the list of code generators:
  • Inertia: Business Entity Component Generator
  • Momentum: Data Access Component Generator
  • Motion: Business Component Generator
  • Velocity: Service Layer Generator
  • Vector: Workflow Activity Generator
  • Impulse: User Interface Process Component Generator


Layered Architecture Solution Guidance How-to topics (Last Updated: March 2014):
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