iis deployment

Apr 23, 2014 at 11:58 PM
I followed the howto and I've created a small test solution with 2 services and after that i published using file system method the .hosts.web and the .ui.web solution in 2 directories.
My question is how should I deploy and test exactly on an iis server (no app server) , now I'm stucked a little bit and I can't really find any description about that. i've tried to create a new site which targets the ui.web directory but when the app tries to connect to db through the services i see have the following error -- There was no endpoint listening at http://localhost:27863.....svc.
I guess i missed something with the .hosts.web package which should be deployed on this iis but I don't know how (i've tried to deploy as an app below the new site w. no success).
thanks for any help.
Jun 11, 2014 at 5:12 AM

You can directly deploy it to IIS. Hosts.Web is your App Server and UI.Web is your Web Server.

You will need to make sure the urls in the web.config file in the UI.Web are pointing to the IIS of the Hosts.Web.