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Get Started with Layered Architecture Solution Guidance

This walkthrough will get you started on creating the structure for a new layered application using the Layered Architecture Solution Guidance.

  1. Launch Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 with administrator privileges.

  2. Open the File menu, click New and then click Project...

  3. In the New Project dialog, under Installed Templates, expand Guidance Packages and click Layered Architecture Solution Guidance. You will be presented with a list of layered application solution templates. Choose the one that best suit your needs when developing your layered application. For this tutorial, we are going to choose the Layered Web Application template. 


  4. Click on the Layered Web Application solution template.

  5. Enter a Name for the solution and click OK.

  6. You will be asked to confirm the Project Name. If you wish to use a project name that is different from your solution name, you may change it here, otherwise, just leave it as the default value. Take note that the maximum length of the project name has been shortened from the standard permissible length. This is to allow for the additional namespace suffixes that will be appended to your projects.

    Warning! You must not change these suffixes. Changing these suffixes will impact the functionality of the solution guidance

  7. Click Finish.

  8. The solution template will be unfolded in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010


You are now ready to begin developing your layered application.

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